The Brazilian Modernism of Marcio Kogan

Marcio Kogan is one of the leading lights of Brazilian contemporary architecture. He founded his studio in the 1970s, now named Studio MK27. The studio’s practice has a particular dedication to Brazilian Modernism, the artful and restrained use of raw materials, and careful consideration of local environment and climactic concerns.

Buildings that appear to be monolithic, Modernist structures are actually permeable to air, while sheltered from the sun, which is perfect for the region. Whether through deep overhanging eaves, and moveable facades like in the Ipes House seen above, and the Jungle House below. Or through the punctuated boxlike shaded forms of the larger apartment Signature Building. While living in comfort with, and with open access to the surrounding environment, is an obvious priority for Studio MK27, none of these concerns compromise the exacting forms of their architecture.

The same sensibility is carried through into commercial projects. Seen here is Micasa Vol C, a furniture showroom. The considered use of natural materials in the structure contrasts with the translucent polycarbonate and metal shell, all with a particular precision, in keeping with Kogan's longtime approach.


Photography Fernando Guerra
Co-architect Lair Reis, Studio MK27 - Ipês
Co-architect Samanta Cafardo, Studio MK27 - Signature Building
Renders Eduardo Martorelli - Signature Building
Co-architect Marcio Tanaka, Studio MK27 - Micasa Vol C
Co-architect Samanta Cafardo, Studio MK27 - Jungle House