Sarah Cottier & Ashley Barber


Gallerists Sarah Cottier and Ashley Barber in their Sydney home with daughter Violet for our ‘SEE dedece’ series of photographic studies of creatives, emerging and established. Since its 1994 inception, Sarah Cottier Gallery has exhibited numerous exciting practising artists, nurturing the careers of names such as Hany Armanious, John Armleder, Maria Cruz, John Nixon, Koji Ryui and Gemma Smith. Sculpture Wompoo, Jamie North 2016.

Summer with Minotti Outdoor

Curved forms and natural materials are highlighted in this summer’s Minotti outdoor collection. A strong mid-century inspiration sees the use of natural teak, woven cord and low slung forms across the range. These archetypal elements are balanced against contemporary forms in the Fynn collection of armchairs and dining chairs with their softly curved hand-made frames and wicker-like seat and backs. The Fynn dining and coffee tables echo the slim lines and smooth curves of the seating elements.

While the Daiki armchair takes a 1950s recliner as its starting point, Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan modernises it with strong clean lines, and luxurious materials. Cord and teak are also employed in the Sunray collection to create a strong horizontal platform which supports an open and relaxed frame. This range, including lounge chair and various modular sofa elements, playfully juxtaposes different shapes and these classic materials. Balancing its 20th century influence, sophisticated crafting artistry and modern shapes this outdoor collection is a breath of fresh air.

Now helmed by the third generation of the Minotti family, Rodolfo Dordoni guarantees the modern-classic aspect of the portfolio while collaborations with designers including Frenchman Christophe Delcourt and Japan’s nendo bring in fresh perspective.

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