Lauren Brincat


Artist Lauren Brincat in her Sydney studio with daughter Beatrix for our ‘SEE dedece’ series of photographic studies of creatives, emerging and established. Lauren uses video installation, sculpture and performance to explore the limits of language, and is shown here with elements from her live sculpture work called Other Tempo which was performed at Carriageworks, Sydney in 2019.

The Brilliant Davide Groppi

‘Light makes everything visible and understandable,’ Davide Groppi sets creates lighting that is clear, striking and inventive. Light is both the object itself and the illumination, in this way it unites Groppi’s interest in the technical requirements of the space to be lit and also the lyrical potential of the object or the illumination it provides. A sense of wonder is key to Groppi’s work. Many of his designs seem almost impossible – he always seeks a pure, imaginative method to bring light into a space. 

Evocative of nature, the classic Sampei is plantlike, its structure like the subtle branches of a willow tree while the Moon lamp collection echo their namesake. The Tetatet range is portable, touch sensitive and creates a perfect table light. While the PopUp adds music to the mix.  Groppi’s renowned architectural lighting systems includes Infinito which uses a simple black band stretched across the room to a remarkable length. Always thoughtful and inventive – Groppi’s talent and imagination seem boundless. 

Typified by simplicity and a sense of weightlessness, Davide Groppi’s lighting designs create maximum impact with a minimum of gesture. Subtly sculptural, they add quiet drama to any room. 

dedece Brands