Jai Winnell


Jai Winnell, florist and founder of Hermetica, for our ‘SEE dedece’ series of photographic studies of creatives, emerging and established. With an artist’s sensibility Jai balances colour and form in unexpected ways to create arrangements which are both refined and astonishing. Shown here with his work under the Coelux HT25 lighting system which replicates sun and sky.

The Colours of Summer

The colours of Paola Lenti’s handmade bags pop with joy under the Coelux ‘sun’ in our Sydney showroom. Art director Mary Libro worked with photographer Ross Honeysett to combine and contrast this capsule collection with other typically vibrant Paola Lenti furniture pieces. Carefully designed with the same attention to detail as with all things Paola Lenti, these bags and accessories are available in many colourways and materials incorporating sizes from a mini tote to a beach bag. There’s also a range of baskets, mats and other home accessories to see in our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms.

dedece Brands