The Cultural Contrasts of GamFratesi

Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi founded their eponymous studio in 2006. Based in Copenhagen the duo combine the furniture and design traditions of Gam’s Danish, and Fratesi’s Italian heritage. The pair are often travelling between their respective home countries researching and developing projects. And it is through this research, and a deep understanding of craft that they design fresh and conceptually rigorous work. 

GamFratesi’s work manages to be both refined and playful. Exhibition design for Hermès Apple Watch collaboration encapsulates their approach perfectly. The heritage and artisan craft of Hermès meets the technological forward looking Apple. The careful composition of black metal wires for the displays by GamFratesi create an optical effect, playfully interpreting the drawings of Robert Dallet, an artist and naturalist.


Designers GamFratesi
Photography Irina Boersma - Shelley Chair
Photography Nacása & Partners - Hermès Apple Watch