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Rodolfo Dordoni
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Technical information:

Jensen Armchair

Technology is here, as is the school of Italian master upholsterers. In other words: design and comfort.

This is Jensen, designed to set the standards - one hundred precent armchair. Rigid, the external structure lends stability to the shape; while the goose down cushioning invites surrender. Around the edges of the structure, a canete hightlights the design, along with a zipper, visible on the front part of the seat, and serves two purposes - decorative and practical.

But, it's the base that expresses the impeccable orginality and uniqueness of Jensen. The triangular section of die-cast aluiminium offers wave after wave of harmonious curves, modulating degrees of thickness and roundness.

An interplay of the most sophisticated Minotti technology made possible through research, design and engineering, at the service of evocative beauty.

Frame: metal with elastic straps with a high rubber content, let into fireproof polyurethane foam with softer polyurethane foam insert matched with the backrest. The front section of the frame has channeled goose down padding to enhance softness giving the armchair backrest a comfortable support.

Cushions: goose down seat cushion with a high-density polyurethane foam insert in different densities.

Base: molded die-cast aluminium (exclusive design by Minotti Studio), Pewter-coloured with extra-glossy, anti-touch finish. The base of the armchair can be swivel, rotation of 60 degrees each side, or fixed. Stool base not swivel. Protective Hytrel® (soft scratchproof rubber) glides.

Cover: completely removable fabric or leather covers by loosening the screws under the base.

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Rodolfo Dordoni

Rodolfo Dordoni


Born in Milan in 1954, Rodolfo Dordoni graduated in architecture in 1979. From 1979 until 1989 he was responsible for the art direction and company image co-ordination of Cappellini International. Rodolfo Dordoni has a vast repertoire in product design typologies, encompassing domestic / contract lamps and furniture, storage systems, kitchens, bathroom accessories, objects, carpets and electrica... More

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