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Sika is a series of baskets made completely by hand by sewing in a spiral-like pattern a cord in Rope yarn. These baskets are unique pieces and mix cords in different colours left over from previous production. This takes the philosophy of “non-waste” and makes Sika an integral part of the Mottainai collection. For the Mottainai collection fabric offcuts and remnants, fragments of cords and selvedges are not considered waste anymore, but materials that still embed a value made of skills, passion, craftwork and beauty.

Due to the very nature of the product and the philosophy with which it was conceived, it is possible to choose only the main shade or to opt for a multicolour version that will be produced with what is available at the time of order.

Paola Lenti’s products are based on a balance of past and present, exterior and interior, tradition and technology. The shapes are kept deliberately simple, the sophistication comes from the colours.

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