Sofas / Outdoor / Canvas

This series consists of modular elements and platform featuring a weight bearing fabric upholstery. Large cotton strips of the Canvas sofa and platform are interwoven on a varnished metal frame creating the containing shell for generous and inviting cushions and pillows.

The suspended body, the pattern of the weave and the several cushions and pillows create a play of empty and full which is the characteristic of Canvas. The cushions can be made in all fabrics and colours available in the collection, allowing for original and customised textile and chromatic combinations. The Canvas series also includes a coffee table with a glazed porcelain stoneware top which can be used to hook together the elements in the compositions.

Paola Lenti’s products are based on a balance of past and present, exterior and interior, tradition and technology. The shapes are kept deliberately simple, the sophistication comes from the colours.

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