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Up in-Line 40, 80 and 165 offers a range of waterproof recessed floor luminaires with a trimless finish, suitable for interior and exterior use.
The luminaires are built with high quality materials and product techniques to achieve an ingress protection rating of IP67 .
They are available in square of circular forms and finished in white or black.
The combination of protection rate and limited build-in depth, by use of technology and different light beam options, offer the designer a great flexibility in projects.
Up in-Line fades away in its surroundings and completely concentrates on its main function, creating a high quality atmosphere, by enlarging the spatial effect of the architecture with vertical light.
The light beam can be steered by lenses so that specific accents in the architecture can be highlighted.
The different available accessories provide the possibility to install the fixture in a whole range of different surfaces; from concrete to a hollow floor.
Furthermore, the necessary build-in depth is limited to a minimum through the use of LED-technology.


Kreon lighting appliances are purposely sober, each product reduced to its essential components without compromise. The result is architectural lighting of a pronounced purity, designed to allow the architecture to shine.

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