Lighting / Wall / Side

The kreon side concept originated from the need to provide ambient and placement lighting from within vertical surfaces. The faceted reflectors developed by Bartenbach are incorporated into the light ensure a uniform asymmetrical beam without sharp edges or hotspots. They also provide a wash of light that, when mounted downward, can provide orientation through spaces, or, when mounted upward, produce a ceiling glow that effectively increases ambient levels within an interior.

A soft yet striking light beam and the steep bevel of the finishing louvre draws attention to the straight vertical back surface which can be finished in various materials according to the designer’s preference. kreon side, available in widths of 25, 40 and 80 mm can be merged perfectly into the architecture and combined with other kreon luminaires.

Kreon lighting appliances are purposely sober, each product reduced to its essential components without compromise. The result is architectural lighting of a pronounced purity, designed to allow the architecture to shine.

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