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Kreon Prologe is a lighting concept that, in a modular system offers compositions of enormous flexibility for highly personalised light arrangements.

Prologe wants to create functional light through the discreet presence of simple architectural volumes and adds fixed and directional LED light sources in a surface mounted box. Kreon Prologe in-line and Kreon Prologe in-dolma give light mass, depth and form. Recessed in a ceiling, it sculpts architecture. Openings are made in the plastered surfaces using prefabricated anodised aluminium profiles that support the Kreon Prologe elements. The profiles, measure-made, are pre-cabled and realised according to your lighting design. The standard fitting is made of black or white powder coated steel.


Kreon lighting appliances are purposely sober, each product reduced to its essential components without compromise. The result is architectural lighting of a pronounced purity, designed to allow the architecture to shine.

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