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Kreon Erubo

Erubo’s design is driven by the radical reduction of adjectives. Not only in form, but far most in function.

By omitting all additional components to true essentials – light source and optics – the usual embodiment of an architectural projector makes way to a pure asymmetrical object, bearing qualities of visual silence and clarity.

The essential geometry, the absolute unity in material and colour and the mindful interface among weight of volumes all contribute to define an easy to unveil luminaire.

In a combination between highly efficient interchangeable optics with tungsten halogen, metal halide or LED light sources, Erubo provides specifiers with a powerful and precise luminaire, the essence of an architectural projector.

Its small dimensions and range of reflectors makes Erubo ideal for use within residential, hospitality, retail and exhibition spaces.

Erubo on-Track is a versatile answer to areas that demand high flexibility such as museums and galleries. Erubo on-Track offers the opportunity to change light position and therefore to suit the needs of innumerable applications.

The horizontal line of Erubo harmoniously integrates with ceilings, while the advanced lighting technology provides superior lighting solutions.

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Kristof Pycke

Kristof Pycke


Born in Belgium, Kristof Pycke graducated with a master’s degree at Henry De Velde Institute in Antewerp in 1995. He worked in product development at Massive consumer lighting division (1996-1998) and head of product design and developemtn at Kreon (1999-2005). In 2005-2007, he became the art director at Kreon developing the company’s product design and development and corporate ide... More

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