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Jan Van Lierde
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13.5 x 18.2 x dia. 11.3cm
Technical information:

Kreon Diapason

Light made orientable.

Thanks to a gyroscopic principle, Diapason can be easily positioned in any direction in order to highlight architectural details.

A revolving stop locks the fitting in any position. Different reflectors are available depending on the light source.

These reflectors are easily installed by being clipped into the housing after the luminaire installation and connection.

A wide range of light sculpting accessories is available such as dichroic filters, lenses and louvres.

The fixture can be directly mounted with a round or square base, in track systems or even with a M10 nipple for special applications.

t is delivered in silvergrey, black or white wet paint. This fitting is the basic element of the Diapason series and is developed for QT12-ax, QR-LP111, QPAR30 and HIT-TC-CE.

When required, it is equipped with a cooling profile which ensures sufficient heat dissipation. Reflectors required for QT12-ax and HIT-TC-CE can be easily installed and allow lighting designers to choose among different beam angles.

Furthermore, beam angles can be shaped by a variety of complimentary accessories. Diapason Cover is designed for QR-LP111, TC-TE HE, HIT-TC or HIR-CE111 lamps.

The backside of the fitting is covered to avoid light dissipation. Combined with the glare preventer, this fitting provides lighting designers an extremely efficient tool with a completely hidden and enclosed light source.

The light beam of the QR-LP111 can be altered by various accessories like UV filters, sculpture lenses, etc.

Small Diapason is designed for QR-CBC51, HIPAR16, QPAR16, HIPAR20 lamps and LEDs.

When required, it is equipped with a cooling profile which ensures sufficient heat dissipation.

The light beam of the QR-CBC51 can be shaped by various accessoires.

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Product Designer

Jan Van Lierde

Jan Van Lierde


Jan van lierde was born in 1954. Graduated from architecture at the Municipal Higher Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning, Ghent in 1978. From 1978 to 1983 gained architectural experience and built some 25 dwellings and more than 100 buildings for various industries in Belgium. Established Kreon as a manufacturer of lighting equipment in 1985. The first Kreon range was the METIS range... More

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