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Avio Sofa System Collection

Avio Sofa System Collection
Knoll Studio
Piero Lissoni
Showroom Viewable (12 - 16 weeks)
(sydney, melbourne, perth)

Knoll Avio Sofa System Collection by Piero Lissoni

Avio, designed by Piero Lissoni, is thenew, contemporary and versatile sofa component system, to reinterpret and make better use of any type of space. It is ideal for those who appreciate solid, elegant design that epitomizes a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle.

Modular and linear, with a light structure that blends perfectly into different settings, Avio is driven by aesthetic design research, skillfully balancing spatial relationships and proportions. The new sofa combines functional and aesthetic poise, playing with the contract between the lightness of the slim structural framework and the substantial volume of the seats.

A contrast resolved in the harmony of an ideal sofa for home and for contract applications, perfectly inserted in the stylistic direction set by Florence Knoll.

Avio is made with a load-bearing structure, a steel beam from which supports branch out for seats, backs and tables.

This framework translates into a versatile system that can generate benches, sofas for two or three people, a chaise longue, tabletops, in a practically infinite sequence, including corner compositions of impressive size. 

The padding provides maximum comfort, and the sofa can be covered in leather or fabric, completed with decorative throw cushions.

A object of clear, precise beauty, ideal for everything a sofa is supposed to offer: for resting, conversing, reading, listening to music, sleeping, watching a film, enjoying an aperitif…

Product Designer

Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni

Knoll Studio

Born 1956. Italy I took my degree in architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan with a study compiled in collaboration with the University of Barcelona. In my design studio we practice in product design, graphic design, interior design, architectural and industrial design etc. Usually when you say "Industrial design", you think just of objects but it is much more than that: it means thinking and... More

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