Prof. Paolo Di Trapani

PhD in Physics.

Marred, 4 children.

Since 2001, professor of Optics and Experimental Physics at the University of Insubria (  Como Italy )

Key achievements:

(i)150 ISI publications in the field of laser physics and ultrafast nonlinear optics; (ii) 130 patents (35 families) in the field of nanomaterials and illumination devices;

(iii) €20m fundraising from public and private entities. From 2002 to 2007 he has founded and developed a science-and-art exhibition ( staging spectacular physical reconstructions of natural atmospheric optical phenomena.

Based on the exhibition results, in 2009 he has founded CoeLux Srl, the company that has developed a technology that artificially reproduces the sky and Sun that are virtually undistinguishable from reality, where he is currently the Board President and CEO.

CoeLux® offers ground-breaking solutions for architecture and the real estate industry, warranting high living comfort no matter how far removed from the outdoors. Healthcare, hospitality, retail and residential are some of first important markets to be affected.

CoeLux® won the LuxAward 2014 as “the light source innovation of the year”

In addition to academic activities, in 2001 Paolo created Di Luce In Luce, a wide-audience-oriented theatrical performance, which proposes an indoor, true, physical reconstruction of spectacular optical atmospheric phenomena: clear skys and storms, fog and rainbows, the colours of sky/sun lights and shadows, the glimpse of the sun during an eclipse through a foliage, etc. are all staged indoors together with examples of paintings, architecture, literature, photography, music and cinema masterpieces.

By witnessing this experience, a regained awareness of light occurs and people start noticing the beauty of the outdoors as they have never seen before, while art gets connected back to everyday life (