Amedeo G. Cavalchini

Born in Milan in 1967, Amedeo Guidobono Cavalchini, after taking his school-leaving certificate at the Liceo Scientifico, graduates in architecture at the Politecnico of Milan in 1994 with a design thesis, realized in cooperation with CNR and the society Mountain Equipe of Bergamo.

In 1994 he obtains a degree in "Total Quality". In 1995 he starts designing display systems for Luceplan SpA and assists the designers Paolo Rizzatto and Alberto Meda in the development of new products. He is responsible for the graphic image and the design of new products of Altea SpA, a service company in the field of satellite location.

In 1997 he designs for Sarx Records the graphics for three record collections. In 1996 he founds AandM Architettura Grafica Design with Marie de Cointet, realizing numerous interiors renovations (1996-1997).In 1995 he designs a wireless alarm gearcase produced by York SpA.

In 1994 he cooperates with the study BBPR for the realisation of a residential building in Milan. Again in 1994 he enters the study of Paolo Rizzatto and Edoardo Guazzoni. He takes part to different national and international competitions: in 1996 he is selected at the competition Design for Europe and in 1998 he wins the award Tiziana Mascheroni at the competition Young and Design, organised by the publishing house Rima, with the project UNICA, an "origami" library.

In 1999 he is selected again at the competition Young and Design with his prototype lamp Chichibio, designed with Domenico Perrucci and now produced by Luceplan.