Opera Work in Progress

Founded in 1990, the Studio 'OPERA WORK IN PROGRESS' rotates around the talents of Mario Dell'Orto, Emanuela Garbin and Enrico Cattaneo: three well-known professionals who, through their experience in the field of furnishings, decided to join forces to provide comprehensive and specialist answers to the all-embracing and sometimes problematic requests from the sector.

Thanks to the language affinity and the diversification of the experience that bonds these three designers the Studio can explicate its activity on three different yet complementary and synergetic levels: from the identification of the strategies for industrial design development, from image-communication to the design of showrooms and displays, from re-structuring programs to art direction.

In the design field, the Studio has made important contributions to various types of furniture items. Numerous armchairs, settees, units, beds and accessories carry the 'OPERA WORK IN PROGRESS' name and have joined the production output of prestigious furniture manufacturers. A number of the studio's designs have been awarded important prizes during exhibition events and design competitions in Italy and abroad.