Giorgio Rava

Free from the ephemeral illusion defy time through the arbitrariness of the shapes, the design practice of Giorgio Rava becomes essence research.

A distinctive vision that goes beyond the labored breathing of contemporary objects freely by excess, redundancy of materials and colors, able to rediscover the spiritual value of the void, the infinite poetry of light, the strength of the material and the natural elements.

Stone and wood, light and shade, water and fire are the keepers of its intention to cancel the time. The firm, which bears his name, embrace different areas of design, ranging from everyday objects, domestic and commercial interiors, space and exhibition concept, private residences, consulting and corporate art direction, with a total approach .

As well as private commissions studying actively collaborates with important Italian design including HENRYTIMI, MK kitchens, Toscoquattro and Davide Groppi. Passion, sensitivity, integrity and continuous tension perfectly define his work.

Giorgio Rava was born in 1981. He studied architecture in Florence and design in Faenza. He was the winner of the Targa Giovani Golden Compass 2004.

Lives and works in Como