Paola Lenti
Marella Ferrera
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Technical information:

Paola Lenti Cocci

Cocci is a series of side tables available in different dimensions.

The base is made of stainless steel finished with a special galvanic treatment and burnishing made by De Castelli exclusively for Paola Lenti. The top is composed of water coloured faience tiles.

The tiles are provided with a lower non-skid layer and are placed on the steel structure in pre-determined positions to form the top decoration.

Paola Lenti introduces new finishings for the tops of the Cocci side tables.

For these new pieces, Nicolò Morales decorates the tiles by hand using a particular working technique to obtain unique oxidized and metallic effects.

Each tile is a unique piece, which is selected to be combined to the other according to aesthetic criteria based on the colour shades created onto the surfaces. The structure is made of Délabré finished stainless steel, an exclusive finishing by De Castelli.

Product Designer

Marella Ferrera

Marella Ferrera

Paola Lenti, Paola Lenti Tappeti

 The colors, scents and charm of her enchanting homeland, Sicily, are the common thread of the creations of Marella Ferrera, a talented fashion designer who is very proud of the priceless heritage of this territory. Designer Marella Ferrera starts working in the atelier her parents have opened in Catania in 1958. “I was born among fabrics“, she says about herself. In 1993 she m... More

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