Edison's Nightmare
Davide Groppi  / Edison's Nightmare

Edison's Nightmare

Edison's Nightmare
Davide Groppi
Harry Thaler
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Metal, Glass

Davide Groppi Edison's Nightmare Wall Lamp

Edison’s Nightmare is a salute to Edison’s* light bulb.

A salute to a dream that changed forever the way we live, taking from sleep hours the time to read and write.

It is about a classic light bulb nailed on the wall. Like a piece of art.

Simplicity is expressed with the gesture of hanging.

Nailing a lamp simplify immortalise an idea that changed the world.

At the same time is a violent and symbolic sign that stings our sense of responsibility towards the possibilities to live in the future.

Is the quotation of a symbol to a new life in the cultural transition where progress is about conservation of the past. 


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Product Designer

Harry Thaler

Harry Thaler

Davide Groppi

Harry Thaler’s work explores the world through reinvented objects and juxtapositions with a surprising and charming elegance. His elaborate designs are built on a foundation of traditional techniques and high quality craftsmanship creating a sensation of timelessness in his work. Harry’s background as a goldsmith and craftsman has a strong effect on his design process. Therefore... More

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