The coast has always been a source of inspiration for architects. Far removed from the hectic pace of city life, coastal retreats offer a chance to reflect on the natural elements, the sea, the sand and the bushland.

Away from the constraints placed by local councils, neighbours and the community, the beach house offers both the architect and client the opportunity to realise their visions. Evocative of a farmhouse experienced as a child, one beach house featured in this book realised the client's dreams. Another, resembling an old-fashioned camera, is carefully angled in its bushland setting. And another beach house, taking the form of a simple crate, is sensitively worked into its coastal environment. Many of the beach houses, shown here, hang precariously over their bushland escarpments. Others are deeply entrenched in the native scrub, only making their presence felt once one is past the front door. In impressive coastal surroundings, these beach houses offer unique glimpses of some of our finest contemporary architecture.

From the Preface by Stephen Crafti

StephenCratti trained as a town planner but was always drawn to architecture and design. His interest was sparked when he moved into a post-war modernist home in 1991. An extensive research into the house followed and the rest, as they say, is history. Crafti now writes for newspapers and design magazines. Beach Houses 2 is his fourth book for the images Publishing Group. As Crafti says, "I've just moved into a city apartment. These beach houses gave me the opportunity to escape from the bustle that now surrounds me "


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