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Woollahra House 3

Interior Designer:
Claire Delmar
Anson Smart

The owners of this classic Victorian-era Sydney home had one criterion for its interior design: to bring them joy.

The result is a colourful, art-filled haven of sheer delight

We call it the art house. the brief was to make the interiors more contemporary with youthful pops of colour  which we’ve achieved via the artworks  mixed back with the maturity and serenity of a neutral palette with a nod to the French via additions like new wall panelling.

All the pieces are custom-made but designed to be easily removed. This goes for the drinks cabinets and consoles right down to the tasselled trim on some of the beds, which is detachable, so if they want a change of style it’s easily done. Everything had to be flexible and timeless.

The space may not be permanent but the pieces needed to be forever. We’ve tried to create different areas  some spaces that are fun for entertaining and others that are calm yet inviting.

My favourite room is the formal living room. It’s the interplay of shapes, with textures and the repetition of elements  like the pleating in the model’s skirt in the Miguel Vallinas Prieto photograph above the fireplace, and the pleats in the base of the dining table  that bring a sense of subtle cohesiveness to the space.

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