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Woodcut Showroom

Interior Designer:
Mim Design
Sean Fennessy

 Seeking a bold statement showroom to herald its Sydney arrival, leading timber brand Woodcut commissioned award-winning Melbourne firm Mim Design to apply its expertise to the stunning new space within Sydney’s PYD Building.

Woodcut’s new 160sqm showroom was to not only display more than 50 products, but also allow clients the space to touch, feel and experience the timber.

Mim Design’s senior interior designer, Kristiina Morgan, says the team were provided with some direction but also encouraged to think broadly, leaving plenty of scope for creativity and bold statements.

“It was great for the client to be open to doing something that was creative and organic,” she said. “We use the product a lot with our own clients so we felt it was important to demonstrate it’s full use and the level of detail that can be achieved from timber and how that is integrated into design.”

The showroom makes the most of the building’s heritage character – high ceilings and soaring steel-framed windows – resulting in an awe-inspiring room filled with custom designs that would attract customers and set an industry benchmark.

The functionality of the space, particularly for customer interaction, was paramount.

A number of custom-made fittings and fixtures were designed to display the diversity and scope of the products. Mim Design’s team incorporated large sliding panels and applied the product to bulk heads highlighting varied detailing outcomes.

Curved panels and organic steps that lead to pivoting panels allow customers to move around the product, seeing the variety of colours and applications and how they can be used.

Inspired by the concept of “cut logs”, the designers wanted to illustrate the product’s rich and natural origins, allowing staff to proudly use their surroundings as a reference when selling the product.

Functional and aesthetic, the cut log theme is carried through the space via the curved nature of the stairs and oversized log tables that guide people through the showroom, also creating pod-like spaces from which architects and clients can seek privacy or work from.

“We wanted to embrace the scale of the high voids by going with something quite bold. That’s how we came to create such oversized elements. It’s almost like walking through a forest with huge trees either side of you,” explains Morgan.

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