John Wardle

This active learning centre engages with a diversity of educational modes and resources.

This building acknowledges and extends the boundaries of our previous work on this campus, whilst strengthening the university's relationship to the city and the urban surrounds.

Wrapping around a central courtyard as the green common, this building incorporates a diverse spectrum of teaching and learning spaces, library, student and staff services.

The central courtyard, with its open air cinema screen, green public area and an established tree, works to reinforce the urban character of the campus. The community of learning and theatre of student activity animates all levels of this building.

At the scale of the student and academic, we provide a range of differing places and enclosures that facilitates these different modes of learning. The contemporary learning narrative includes books and small-scale study areas, digital and virtual resources as well as more collaborative and social learning environments.

Spaces and experiences shift in orientation and scale, becoming less inwardly focussed as they progress up through the building and more aligned to the world beyond.


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Spark Series

Spark Series

Knoll Studio / Don Chadwick

Spark brings energy to every space with its bright colors and unique personality. A perfect balance of form and function, the chairs are pleasing to the eye, comfortable and efficient for general pur... More

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