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Sunrise Factory

Home Office
Jolson Architects
Scott Newett

Sunrise is the recycling of a 1950s confectionery factory into a contemporary solution for a home and office.

The old saw-tooth roof of this factory was removed, leaving a concrete slab between the ground and first floors. The concept was to build an elevated two-storey house, set back from the street façade to create a large north-facing private garden oasis.

The quality of internal space is focused on generous volumes as opposed to excessive zones that are not used. The materials expressed in this project have been refined to express the honesty and purity of each element and reflect the history of the building.

On the first floor, three large rectangular blocks have been inserted into the space, and contain and conceal the functional aspects for living. A large image depicting the sugar vats from the old factory making hundreds and thousands has been enlarged to reflect the history of the building. This image slides to reveal the functioning kitchen.

The large private garden located on the first floor has been constructed on 500 millimetres of soil and creates a thermal buffer to the ground floor office, retaining heat in winter and insulation from the summer sun.


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