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Spencer Residence

Johnson Pilton Walker
Project Manager:
Bellevarde Constructions

A 3 level single residence on a sloping waterfront property fronting Middle Harbour in Sydney. The house is for a family of 2 adults and 2 independent children.

The design is based on a 12 metre cube embedded in the side of the hill which slopes down to the waterfront. From the higher entry of street level the house appears quite unobtrusive allowing neighbourhood views to look over the rooftop garden of the house to the harbour beyond.

"John built our house in 1992 and it still looks sharp and clean. It is because he is a perfectionist.

A classic example: recently John put a track in the ceiling so we could roll a painting along to hide or reveal a plasma screen. The track trolley is hidden away, above the plaster line.

The supplier used a timber cut-off to space its wheels; John had it replaced with stainless steel. Because now that I’ve seen it, its got to come down otherwise neither of us will be able to sleep. He was right. We believe he loves our house as much as Richard and we do." - Client Statement

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