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Rugby House

Carter Williamson Architects
Brett Boardman

Located at the rear of the house, the kitchen was conceived as the centre of family life, A single plan of American oak joinery houses the kitchen, laundry, extensive storage and open fireplace. The joinery has a slightly off-square configuration that seems to welcome the visitor with outstretched arms, amplifying the innate hospitality of this space.
With its mirrored splash-back and integrated appliances, it is dramatically down lit at night to become the showpiece of the rear volume.

During the day it plays a more subservient role to the north-facing rear courtyard and the sunshine flooding in through operable sliding glass doors that retract fully, opening the house to the outdoors. This idea is emphasized further as the materiality of the kitchen changes. The darker, more recessive veneer and ebony island bench five way to a blonde timber dining table and white chairs, as the darker concrete floor tiles make way for their paler outdoor variety,

Almost cruelly, given the two fridges, the main bathroom is bathed in bright eastern morning light, making the occasional hangover a bit hard to deal with,. Although one could argue that the social theme is carried into this room, with a double shower, dual shower roses and two handbasin. The plan is simple but striking, with a dark tiled floor and abundant reflective surfaces to bounce the light around the room. A champagne-colored splash-back and timber veneer joinery that matches the kitchen complete the program.

Carterwilliamson has created a welcoming, open, social house that beautifully caters for its occupants, It's the sort of place that makes you want to join in.

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