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Harry Seidler & Associates
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Eric Sierins

The 15m high lobby is entered from the street under a wide glass canopy. Two mezzanines overlook the monumentally scaled entry with its focally placed white sculpture. The three elevator banks can be reached either through an axial entry or from the 6m high side lobby spaces. The ground floor opens onto the central fountain and wide open plaza spaces with transplanted trees on either side

Situated in Eagle Street on a prime Brisbane River frontage site, this modern high rise commercial office development was designed by one of Australia's leading architect's Harry Seidler. The complex has achieved a number of building awards, including joint winner of the RAIA Best Building Award in 1987, Special Citation from BOMA in 1987 and the Robin Dodds Award in 1988.

The complex provides 37 office tower levels, an auditorium, a large plaza area incorporating retail, service and restaurant facilities, a loading dock and two secure basement car park levels (providing car parking for approximately 540 vehicles).

At ground level, as part of the complex, the North Court area consists of a single storey restaurant and an English style bar/restaurant. The South Court area consists of two levels, with the ground floor level being occupied by a mix of specialty shops, including a boutique, photo shop, travel agency, newsagent, pharmacy, bottle shop and a river-front food court, while the upper level incorporates a tavern and night club facility.

The Riverwalk, directly in front of the property, incorporates Brisbane City Council's new 250-passenger ferry terminal, which has been constructed to meet the needs of the 580,000 passengers who are expected to use it each year by 2010. The terminal has been designed to match the distinctive surrounds of the Riverside Centre and is now a landmark feature of the CBD riverfront, and regarded as the "hub" of Brisbane's river ferry travel. Particular care was taken to ensure the views of the river from Riverside buildings, restaurants, cafes and the Riverwalk were preserved. The Riverside ferry terminal has been very successful in attracting CBD commuters to the CityCat service as an alternative to travelling by car, and is also popular with shoppers heading to the Riverside Markets on weekends. The riverfront area also includes a private pontoon for the use of visiting yachts.

Every Sunday the famous Riverside Markets, established 17 years ago, are held at Riverside Centre. They are a popular Brisbane attraction and winner of Tourism Awards. The Markets are a MUST for overseas visitors and are an eclectic mix of interesting crafts, including home made furniture, leather work, glass, pottery, jewellery, fashion for children and adults, metal work, body health and harmony plus many other interesting stalls.

The asset was maximised in the design fo the tower by means of a rectangular plan which orients more than 66% of offices towards the water.

A 15 mtr high lobby was planned across the street frontage. The surrounding floors, became mezzanines overlooking this space, which has a large centrally spaced sculpture by Norman Carlberg.

A continuous cantilevered glass canopy provides cover and protection from the elements.

Rather than extending all tower columns to the ground, 6 columns are "gathered" and their loads transferred into 2 hyperboloid shaped supports which allowed the monumentally scaled entrance to be opened up to the street. This was done by a system of radiating and curved exposed beams which are visible in the lobby ceiling.

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