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QANTAS First Class Lounge Singapore

Interior Designer:
Akin Atelier
David Caon Design

First impressions are always telling, and in the case of the Qantas Singapore First Lounge, you begin to get a hint of the design language and materials: Carrara marble and terrazzo, light European woods and perforated panels, touches of brass and green.

In order to bring the new lounge to life, Qantas enlisted the services of renowned industrial designer David Caon.

A modern tribute to the city that the lounge (and so many temporary business travellers) call home, it's a symphony of clean lines, post-industrial modernity and bright lighting, accented in a luxurious way with dark furniture and premium woods.

Importantly, it's also been designed to provide a sense of continuity for passengers transitioning between airports. A consistent design theme is present in the Singapore and Sydney lounges, something that Qantas hopes will flow into the new design of their future upgraded First Class A380 cabins.

“The interiors achieve a synergy with other Qantas First Lounges on the network, using key materials like marble and oak from the Sydney flagship lounge, combined with finishes reflecting the lively culture of Singapore,” said Mr Caon.

“With a continued focus on wellness, we’ll be looking at including the latest advances in light technology, allowing passengers to better synchronise their body clocks with future time zones.

Extensive natural greenery is spread throughout the lounge to soften the space and bolster the atmosphere.

The use of natural materials and colour palettes throughout the lounge is designed to relax and refresh customers; ensuring state of mind is equally considered in the lounge experience.

A unique ‘skylight’ in the bathrooms and lounge area will replicate natural daylight to bring in the sensation of natural outdoor lighting and help adjust the body clock as customers transition through multiple time zones.

The Coelux “skylights” in the shower suites and lounge area will replicate natural daylight to help travelers adjust their body clock.

Adjacent to this and located just behind the reception area are ten spacious shower suites stocked with LaGaia Unedited First spa products – the same products as now appearing at the day spa at Qantas' Sydney and Melbourne first class lounges

The new Qantas First Class Lounge Singapore is over 1,000 square meters (10,700+ square feet), and has the capacity for 240 guests. This will increase Qantas’ overall lounge seating in Singapore to over 800 seats.

Like other first class lounges, it features a la carte dining, with a menu developed by celebrity chef Neil Perry (though with an Asian flair). The lounge also has shower suites, though no spa treatments.

Qantas designer David Caon sought to weave together familiar elements of Qantas' own aesthetic as well as a local Singaporean influence.

“We're trying to create a sort of a lighter palette that’s sort of softer and blends in with the greenery, which is very Singapore and important for wellness as well as that regional aspect of the design,” Caon said.

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