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Ozana Bungalow

Brian Meyerson
Shellee Gordoun
Anthony Browell
Although Sydney harbour views were a focus in terms of orientation and design for the building renovation, the interior of this house was destined to be a key aspect right from the start.

The challenge for the architect was to create an interior that would act as a transitional zone between the private life of the owners (mainly led around the pool and on the rear terrace) and the very public space of Sydney harbour.

The tonings at play thorughout the living areas and uncluttered traffic zones are generally neutral and understated, complemented by strong blocks of colour provided by artworks and carefully framed views.

The architect working closely with the interior designer, relied on the interplay of various surface textures on the floors, walls and furnishings to create a vibrant and ever changing interior ambience.

As a container for the interior , and a platform from which to enjoy the views, the building itself has undergone a dramtic transformation from a1940's bungalow with an uninspiring 1970's first floor addition.

The first floor was stripped back to its bare bones, and the building itself has been extended further forward on the block.
Walls blocking westerly views to the harbour and concealing east views to the garden have been knocked replaced with large panels of glazing and exposed steel columns and beams.

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