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Mitchelton Hotel

Interior Designer:
Hecker Guthrie
Tom Blachford

 Tasked with restoring and reinvigorating Mitchelton Winery, an established and highly regarded architectural icon nestled in the picturesque countryside, the onus on Hecker Guthrie was one of respect rather than the typical adherence to heritage.

The hotel sits at the north end of the courtyard, “containing” the public space to form a landscaped piazza and conversing with the original building structures. Complementing the repetitive and robust language of the heritage buildings, Hecker Guthrie designed a civic-scaled manganese brick colonnade as the “face” of the hotel, acting as a “portal from public to private” and a defined threshold to the luxe yet unpretentious hotel foyer.

A “raw to refined” language permeates through the hotel. A sculptural honed dolomite reception counter appears morphed from the floor, resonating beautifully with the dark stained fluted timber lining behind it.

The material selection draws from the natural environment and a simple and strong palette is employed with cool stone foiled by the richness and warmth of semi-aniline chestnut leathers and rough-hewn timber features. Australian-made furnishings strongly complement the refined, rustic aesthetic. “The simplifying of the overall palette was to unify spaces, to read as a cohesive interior spread across the restaurant, winery, spa and hotel,” says Guthrie


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