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Medland Mitropoulos

Design Studio
Group GSA
Project Manager:
Medland Mitropoulos
Tim Linkins
The brief was to generate an environment where the engineer staff could be look around and see the creative possibilities.
From the time the site was found until occupation was only 2 months, so conventional design planning processes went out the window.
A key issue was making the budget work hard, so that modifications to the base were minimal - saving money for the design elements.
The design project was largely done in house with assistane from Group GSA as advisers
Note the "M" logo on the foyer , the diaphanous silver curtain dividing the reception from work areas, the zen like succulent gardens atop the workstation areas, the jigsaw puzzle boardroom table.

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Orly Table

Orly Table

Jasper Morrison

Orly coffee tables with a satined stainless steel base and multiply top available in matt or polished lacquer finish in a choice of approximately 40 colours or timber veneer in Natural or Ash-Grey Sta...

PO/9810, 9811, 9812, 9815

PO/9810, 9811, 9812, 9815

Marcel Wanders

Floor and table lamps in white cotton lined with PVC. Available in 4 sizes.

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