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Malvern East House 1

Honto Architecture
Interior Designer:
Richard Hall & Son
Lisa Cohen

The brief for this project was for a significant overhaul of a tired, but prominent single level Edwardian house, which had to include substantial new extensions sympathetic to the sensitive Heritage Streetscape.

Contained within the existing and new roof structures are substantial new floor areas. The size and expanse of the combined internal floor areas isn't immediately evident from the outside, as the original single level proportions are retained with clever planning and design.

In the word of the late, great Ada Louise Huxtable, long-time architecture critic for The New York Times, "If you wait long enough, what is admirednwill be relegated to history's dustbin, and if you wait even longer, it will be rescued and restored".

It's a truism that keeps the auction houses full and the furnishing industry ticking away, but in this moment of ever-changing value and environment, can we in all conscience keep feeding our voracious appetite for the new?

Past perfect - re-purposed pieces from a century's high-design periods create an ebullient clash of pattern and period in this stately Melbourne bungalow hybrid.

Designers Belinda Hall and Fiona Richardson of Richard Hall & Son aren't your typical environmental activists; instead they'd laugh at the tag. But in their own quiet way they are radicalizing the ideals of Rampant Modernism with idiosyncratic schemes that rescue past styles from redundancy. In short, they design sustainably.

Take this four-bedroom bungalow hybrid that was built in 1916 on a quarter-acre block in Melbourne's leafy south-east Malvern. Recently altered and extended by damien Lui of Honto Architecture, it unashamedly revels in the original plan (centring on an entrance hallway) and the detail of the period's paralleling Arts and Crafts movement.

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