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Macquarie Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre
Buchan Group
Project Manager:
Our original design philosophy identified a need to create an 'edge' and set a benchmark for retail shopping. The idea was to add value to the experience of shopping, which reflects the lifestyle and aspirations of the customers, by catering to their emotional needs, not just their purchasing needs. The real challenge was to build a large footprint over an existing structure, while the Centre continued operating, and to blend new finishes and concepts with the existing. Three are two new exclusive precincts within the centre. Escape, an area dedicated to entertainment, and a new floor, the Loft is an engineered solution, most notable for the extraordinary amount of natural light flooding through, giving the feeling of being outdoors, without the inconvenience. Strong, vibrant graphics and bold signage statements are used throughout the Centre to create a memorable shopping experience thus breaking away from all the conventional ideas about shopping centres.

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Diapason (New)

Diapason (New)

Kreon / Jan Van Lierde

Diapason re-invented A quarter of a century after the design classic "Diapason" was launched by Kreon, the timeless piece in lighting design takes a turn for the future to meet today's re... More

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