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Mark Duffus

Located in the grounds of Loreto College, the building is sited in close proximity to the historic Convent Chapel and the gothic facades of the residential and schoolroom wings, dating from 1882.

Originally the St Anne’s Parish Primary School, the 1908 federation classrooms have been restored and remodelled into a gallery space, housing the Loreto collection.

Flanking new wings contain a conservation workroom, controlled environment repositories, of ces and a reading room. A glazed intermediary zone highlights the newly restored heritage brickwork, and provides a reception area for visitors.

The tesseract forms of the new wings draw garden views and natural light through the interior spaces. Double glazing and  ltered glass have been adopted to maximise light, while protecting artefacts on display.

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Beat Lights

Beat Lights

Tom Dixon

We have designed more architectural scale lighting for BEAT where the existing four shapes had performed well for a decade but we wanted some fresh silhouettes, and more importantly greater light outp...

Slab Dining Table

Slab Dining Table

Tom Dixon

Solid oak dining table, black stained or natural, with generously curved edges. Available rectangular or round. Dimensions (Rectangular) - Height: 75cm, Width: 90cm, Length: 200cm

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