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Long Grain

Project Manager:
Ross Honeysett
Original features of the warehouse co-exist with contemporary additions of woven wood paneling and enormous industrial fans.

The lounge bar with its long banquette and molded plywood stools, eclectic mix of 'stick drinks' and DJ mixes creates a relaxed atmosphere, while the dining area cut with a catwalk of three enormous communal tables, encourages traditional 'Asian style' dining.

Chef Martin Boetz's menu is an inspired blend of Thai and Chinese influences with dishes that are designed to be shareable, and is beautifully complimented with a wine list carefully selected by co-owner and sommelier Sam Christie.

Longrain's bar is a chic, sexy space that oozes a Manhattan warehouse vibe.

A long banquette, molded plywood stools and chunky wooden tables creates a relaxed lounge bar atmosphere for the inner urbanites that flock here every night.

Hidden behind a slatted wooden wall, Longrain's private dining room isn't so much hidden away, rather an annex to the main room.
It's the detail of Longrain's warehouse space that really impresses: one wall features timber replicas of ceramic tiles that graced the grand Algerian embassy in Beirut; there's a private dining room that still feels like part of the action, and the bar is one Sydney-siders don't have to feel apologetic about."

Dining - seating 90
Lounge bar - seating 70

"Communal dining, Longrain-style, is a million miles from the cafeteria."

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