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La Mensa

Luigi Rosselli
Bart Maiorana

The brief was to combine the 2 interests of 2 clients - one a provider of quality fresh produce, the other a restaraunter of repute - in one outlet.

The name is a tongue in cheek reference to the latin / italian word for cafeteria that provides fast food to anyone who walks in

La Mensa shars the ground floor of the Australian Centre for Photography.

Roselli removed crosswalls to create what reads as a high 'L' shaped space. He also divided the fa�ade into 3 glazed bays seperated by masonary piers.

Low level wired glass louvres open fopr ventilation.
At the rear, access to a simple rectilinear courtyard has been enlarged. An otherwise white fitout is splashed with bright coloured chairs.

Fresh produce and the preparation of food - are arranged on opposite sides of the space.
Between these 2 areas the elevated communal table serves customers

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Oak Chair

Oak Chair

Chris Connell

Solid American Oak dining chair with veneer seat and back. Natural or stained. Optional upholstered seat: Also available as Oak Armchair and larger Fat Oak chair, or Oak Botanical.

Oak stool

Oak stool

Chris Connell

Solid American Oak frame with veneered seat and back. Natural or stained. Optional upholstered seat:

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