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Davenport Campbell
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EGO Group
Tyrone Branigan

KPMG has just moved 2500 staff into new offices at International Towers in the heart of Barangaroo, Sydney’s biggest development project.

The offices, occupying the top 12 floors of Tower 3, have 360-degree views of Sydney via glass walls.
Ten of the floors are work areas.

There is a hospitality floor on level 38 with the KPMG reception, meeting and events rooms.

And level 26, called the Connect floor, has informal spaces for teams to collaborate with clients.

This floor also houses a Toby’s Estate coffee shop, events space, open plan meeting areas and an Innovation Lab and Insights Centre.

The working floors represent a major change in how KPMG people work.

Gone are all private offices and fixed desks to be replaced by a new agile working approach developed in-house.

The professional services firm developed the agile workspace concept during trials in its Adelaide office. It’s all about zones: a Focus area for thinking, Collaborate zones for teams and an ideas area called Spark.

And the result, according to the plan, is happier, more productive and creative people.

The new workplace is flexible, with each work zone designed to support a different type of work or behaviour, giving employees the ability to use their working environments to support what they need to do at any given time.

There are no fixed line phones on desks. That’s all done through laptops and headsets. Some spaces are social and open, modelled on a family kitchen or living room, while others are quiet with plants and nooks for focussed work or unwinding

Tech-enabled meeting spaces, the Spark areas, are used for brainstorming.

Meeting rooms and breakout areas have the latest video conference technology.

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