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Granny Flat

Jolson Architects

Designed for a de-facto couple in their early eighties, who have both been previously married with children, the challenge was to sift and edit through a lifetime of possessions and memories. 

The result is a highly refined and elegant interior space befitting to an elderly couple.  Close attention to detail has been applied to the built in joinery, furniture selection, and careful placement of artwork and sculpture.

The project rationalizes multiple zones from the existing apartment into an open plan which maximizes views and ease of use. The project is a synergy of detail, lighting, and coordination of services. The project does not aim to follow current design trends but create a simple, timeless aesthetic.

The project represents three different design methodologies. One is the re-planning of the existing apartment which aims to create a space as open as possible with very clean lines of joinery and internal walls.

This approach results in a clean, simple aesthetic which is very user friendly to the elderly clients. The other key methodology of the project is the highly refined approach to detailing every possible junction of materials and surfaces.

Careful consideration through detailing was given to framing of paintings and sculpture, displaying the collection of items supplied by the client. This high level of craftsmanship in detail and careful selection of materials represents a key aspect in the design of the apartment.

The final key methodology was to design around the clients’ vast selection of found objects and artwork and display them in an un-cluttered, contemporary manner.

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