GB House

GB House

Renato D'Ettorre Architects
Justin Alexander

Italian-born, Sydney architect Renato D’Ettorre, designed a family home overlooking Gordons Bay between Clovelly and Coogee to slowly reveal the 180-degree ocean view.

It’s a slow process of revealing the view, where you walk in and have just glimpses which tantalise and tease you and prolongs that final arrival

It’s like entering a medieval castle where you cross a draw-bridge and you look through peepholes and there are pocket-windows and you see through a veil, like a sieve, or a porthole where only one person can stand at a time.
It slows everything down and builds the sense of anticipation.

This project uses a beautiful orchestration of moving through the building where the view isn’t revealed too quickly.”

Above the clear blue sea, this house embodies the spirit of seaside living in response to a magical site – endless ocean, rocky headland and the ideal north-east aspect. The design is discreet in scale, has a quiet focus and layered materiality, and is sensitive to both site and neighbours providing mystery and privacy along one of Sydney’s busiest coastlines.

Inside the house slowly unfolds, a veil of perforated brick wraps the façade directing the eye and filtering light. At ground level where the family gathers, the view is strategically angled with walls and openings for privacy and discovery leading through a series of communal, private and cosy spaces. In the master bedroom and bathroom above, this takes shape in a series of concealed lookouts for gazing along the coast.


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