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Ferrier Hodgson Level 13

The World is Round

2006 Ferrier Hodgson Level 13, Grosvenor Place, 225 George St. Sydney 1916.00 sqm TWIR Design brief. Located in Harry Seidler's architectural masterpiece Grosvenor Place Ferrier Hodgson required a classically designed space focusing on functionality and longevity. The design wasn't about revolutionizing design principles; instead the client wanted the fit out to represent their structured professional brand and its position in the financial market. The brief required a traditional hierarchy planning model with partners accessing the best views at the boundary. The challenge in planning the space was to create a level of "private transparency". The three different work styles radiating from the core start with the clustered semi private mangers offices, adjacent and spatially centered to these are the work points, and the partner offices are located on the window boundary with the secure glazed doors. "The emphasis was in allowing all employees to access the wonderful views of the city and harbor, whilst the privacy and hierarchy of the Ferrier Hodgson's partners was maintained," says Andrew Cliffe, interior designer of the World Is Round. It is warm, welcoming and comfortable in its palette and as a workspace provokes people to see the firm professionally. It is a conservatively luxurious environment using stone wall tiles, reconstituted stone flooring, black glass, timber veneer wall paneling, rich brown leathers and contemporary art that all encourage a feeling of prosperity and restraint. The lighting is sculptural adding form and texture. The material and furniture palette is elegant, classic, rich and honest to portray Ferrier Hodgson in a sophisticated and professional manner. The detailing is refined and understated, enhancing the beauty of the selected finishes. There is simplicity to the palette which demands respect. The space reflects the level of maturity and seriousness Ferrier Hodgson has within the finance sector. The implementation of this design strategy ensures the protection of the brand. The clever and startling selection of art is the final addition, adding a touch of sophisticated playful entertainment.. Amanda Love and Andrew Cliffe worked closely in defining its use from the outset of the project ensuring the simplistic palette and design lived harmoniously with the selected art pieces. Art Layer: Curated by Amanda Love featuring Tim Silver, Callum Morton, Patricia Piccinnini, Rosemary Laing, Jess MacNeil, Sean Codeiro and Clare Healy

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