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Clovelly House 2

Madeleine Blanchfield Architects
Project Manager:
Bellevarde Constructions
Interior Designer:
Madden Interiors
Kirsten Bookallil
Prue Ruscoe

Our client’s brief was a 17th century lithograph of five little fish with human faces swimming "Marvels Of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects Of Things Existing"

The notion was to create a home that was whimsical, calm, inspiring, slightly quirky and deeply personal.

We gutted the existing house, leaving only the structural columns and beams. We created huge windows onto external courtyards and removed most of the walls to flood the spaces with light.

The problem with removing walls is that there is nowhere to hang art. This became the driving concept and approach behind the design – bringing art into the architecture.

After a dramatic transformation, this 1970s home in Sydney;s eastern suburbs has a view from almost every room.The owners wanted to create more space in their 1970s four-bedrom house for their family of three young boys and two dogs.

When architect Madeleine Blanchfield was appointment to redo a kitchen in Sydney's eastern suburbs, she didn't expect the three-year overhaul of the house that ensued. It soon became apparent that not only did the kitchen require a complete refresh, it had to be relocated entirely.

The southern aspect of the house was one of the determining factors of the design. Another key change was the entrance, cause basiclaly the house did not have a proper one.

While the house is free-flowing, Blanchfield created areas for the family to relax. When it came to furnishing, it was a collaborative process between the owners, Blanchfield and interior stylist Kirsten Bookallil.

Although there were a loto of personalitites involved in the process, the final outcome is harmonious. "It was grat to work with intelligent and savvy peole".

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