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This project has mastered what is a challenging but increasingly common development type- the mixed use development.

Set in a part of Sydney that has seen significant change in the past 15 years it is built in the context of existing warehouses, café, showroom and new apartments, but successfully manages these often conflicting land uses without compromise.

At ground level the public domain is reinforced by a meaningful cross-site pedestrian like focused around a central courtyard, while retail and commercial uses transition the site and manage a significant change in level and flood restrictions.

The residential apartments above have been located to maximise amenity; their generous width allows for large living spaces that open onto expansive terraces and maximise both daylight access and privacy.

Skilful design separates the commercial and retail such that maximum privacy is afforded, and from above the apartments are largely oblivious to the busy retail environment below.

Extensive planting on the rooftop of commercial spaces provide a pleasant outlook for the residents above as well as acoustic separation.

The project’s success has been driven by a strong directive and partnership between client, architect and interior designers.

The rough and tactile materiality is both consistent with the theme and strongly evokes the heritage of the site and its post-industrial context.

Completed 2014An award winning, mixed use development comprising 69 apartments with prestige retail, food and beverage operators.

Melding influences from Southern Spain and North Africa, Casba is a bold statement intended to forever intrigue and invoke discovery. Casba is a mixed-use development including retail and residential space on Danks Street, Waterloo.

Like much of this area of Sydney, the site was occupied by a warehouse and showroom, which were demolished to make way for the award-winning new build by Billard Leece Partnership in collaboration with SJB architects.

With frontages on both Danks and Phillip Streets, the Danks Street façade comprises a suite of stacked volumes, punctuated by soaring recesses and metal mesh screens. By contrast, the Phillip Street façade undulates along a sinuous curve which houses deep balconies fitted with weather resistant curtains, which enhance the textured brick exterior.

Constructed around a courtyard planted with towering palm trees, Casba is an exotically evocative complex that provides an oasis of calm for residents and public alike.

The spacious interiors, designed by BKH are rich in texture, sensuous, the antithesis of the stark white box. Solid timber doors and the curved alcove entry halls create a sense of occasion upon arrival. Luxurious finishes abound layering textures of natural stone floors, imported ceramic tiles, rich timbers and bronzed metal. High ceilings, an open footprint and a continuous terrazzo floor onto the expansive private terraces allow for seamless indoor/outdoor living.

Each Casba apartment enjoys a leafy aspect. On the roof, a lush communal garden designed by Will Dangar and orchestrated by Black Beetle provides added green space.

Completed 2014

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