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BVN Architecture
Lend Lease Design
Anthony Browell

The Campus MLC project comprised a complete re-structuring of the workplace at MLC's North Sydney headquarters, with Bligh Voller Nield working collaboratively with Bovis Lend Lease and DEGW as members of the MLC change team.

Described by MLC CEO Peter Scott as "not so much a building renovation as the renovation of a business".

The Campus MLC project was one of searching for physical solutions for an organisation that sought equality, empowerment and flexibility in its work environment.

The project was developed on a theme of the "vertical village", with work spaces unified by a new stair throughout the twelve levels, connecting business units and encouraging staff interaction and with the central building core developed as a series of themed spaces.

The project is an example of a totally collaborative process of client (both management and staff), project manager, strategic briefing consultants, architects and contractors in designing and implementing an all-encompassing change solution.

Under James Grose's direction, BVN sliced an open stair volume through eleven existing floors.

This simple gesture was the most revolutionary – the creation of a vertical pedestrian street within a building type borne from the technology of the elevator.

It was also an expensive slice, but one that would contribute to an "effective" not just "efficient" place/space.

Each floor was then given a different name and themed accordingly, each having different furniture and different finishes. Level 3, for example, is the Zen Den.

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Kreon / Jan Van Lierde

Light is quintessential Down is designed for recessed use and is characterised by the deeper position of the light source in relation to the ceiling level. Thanks to a multifunctional housing this... More



Tom Dixon

Jack is the original sitting, stacking, lighting thing, an award-winning multifunctional object that was one of Tom's first experiments with plastic. First launched in 1994, Jack was designed and pro...

Kwadro Horizontal and Vertical

Kwadro Horizontal and Vertical

Kreon / Jan Van Lierde

Kwadro Horizontal and Vertical combines 4 Diapasons in one aesthetic frame. These different light sources can be positioned independently and can be equipped with a wide range of reflectors and optio...



Kreon / Jan Van Lierde

Side light is a recessed light fixture installed in wall or ceilings, whether in brickwork or cavity walls and requires only 100mm depth. This range of washlights is developed with either h... More

Y's De Luxe Chair

Y's De Luxe Chair

Christophe Pillet

Revolving armchair with frame in integral polyurethane foam , covered with Bruxelles, Feltro, Calcutta, Copenhagen, Tonus, Panno, Hallingdal, Dakar, Dublino, Glove, Algeri, Mombasa, Tunisi, leather, l...

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