Bronte House 8
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Bronte House 8

Luigi Rosselli
Interior Designer:
Decus Interiors
Prue Ruscoe

With a young family and a beachside location at the heart of the project, we sought to pay homage to the beautiful Federation history of this house, without being shackled by it.

Whilst doubling the liveable area of the home, we tempered the ornate detailing with clean contemporary lines, and employed steel elements and dark frames to instil a sense of continuity and greater visual connection with the natural landscape beyond.

Bronte’s beachside location informed many of the material choices, and remained at the fore of the grounding design aesthetic – though a sense of luxurious elegance prevails.

Countering a sun-drenched orientation, a palette of deep navy and cobalt blue threaded through textural veined marble, contemporary furniture and a treasured collection of Australian art to enhance this characterful family home

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