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Brighton Boulevard

Alexander and Co
Cameron Spencer

The Brighton Boulevard Penthouse is an internal refurbishment and fit out of an existing four bedroom apartment in Bondi,Sydney. The project included replanning the top floor apartment, with new finishes, joinery, lighting, electrical and furniture.

In response to the clients challenging need to create a garden sanctuary within a top floor apartment with views to the ocean, along with a low budget and short term intention for the dwelling, our project explored the minimization of trades and finishes to allow the project to be completed quickly with little between trade co-ordination. The result is a broadly reduced palette of timber, polished stucco and painted finishes. It embodies a calm simplicity.

The two new bathrooms explore respectively monochromatic palettes. Both are conceived as garden ponds; surprising, found moments within the greater lightness of the apartment. In this scenario, bathing is conceived as an intimate and mysterious ritual, becoming lost in a cave or in a waterfall.

The main living areas are anchored around picture frame views of the ocean. These rooms are lighter, wooded and filled with green. In the absence of a ground plane, the owner wished the living spaces to provide a concept of a natural landscape for their young son whilst being elevated on the 4th floor of the apartment building.

Various structural bulkheads of challenging ceiling heights were required to be coordinated into the new volumes, these new forms anchored and emphasised the new kitchen positioning with its formed concrete bench top. Natural materials, gentle feminine colours and artwork embodied a youthful and tropical patina and brought providence to an otherwise spiritless 1970’s concrete apartment complex.

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Cherner Armchair

Cherner Armchair

Norman Cherner

Designed for Plycraft in 1958, molded plywood armchair by Norman Cherner a midcentury icon found in design collections worldwide is now available to a new generation of furniture collectors, it is on...

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