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Interior Designer:
Hecker Guthrie
Earl Carter

The planning of the Botanical has provided very clear circulation with long axial views to the park opposite. Views are maintained from one space to the next. A series of screening devices mediate the view while creating a sense of discrete space. Elements within the venue reinforce this axial planning. The lighting, for example, is clear and directional. Mirror has been used to reinforce and extend the perception of space.

The palette of materials was selected to suggest casual sophistication. Stone, simple painted surfaces and timber detailing instil a modern aesthetic without being plush or formal. The colour palette is neutral to highlight the views to the rich greens of the Botanical Gardens opposite. Timber lining is zoned' into dark areas at the rear of the restaurant and light around the open kitchen and dispense bar. The Bubble Bar at the rear of the venue is a darker, more luxurious cocktail bar. The colour palette is rich greens and golds Printed fabrics have a botanical motif. The graphics throughout by Mahon and Band are also derived from botanical themes. The Botanical is a refined expression of a richly textured modernism.

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Light Shade Shade

Light Shade Shade

Jurgen Bey

Light Shade Shade is a one way mirror that reflects its enviromentand conceals-reveals its former identity. Turned on, the lamp gives light and appears in its old garment to give comfort and character...

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