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Bar Figo

Grant Amon Architects
Shania Shegedyn
Bar Figo was born, catering for a diverse range of dining and entertaining facilities, such as a fully serviced restaurant, informal café and bar, function space and late night dance club. The design required a smooth transition between these uses with each still definable and emphasised by the passage of time over day and night. For example, by night the curtains are drawn, candles lit and bar turned on. The space available was generally one rectangular open space that featured existing muscular concrete butressing to the side walls and a coffered web of concrete beams over to the ceiling. Highlight windows allow light to enter from Mill Place. Centered around the design of a new bar, the fitout entailed complete new finishes and fittings to the major space with minor alterations to the existing kitchen, toilets, office and store areas. A deliberately rich and seductive array of textures and finishes combine to entice discovery, comfort, intimacy and illusion. The sweeping backlit resin bar is the focal object in the space, a foreign object that organises and shapes the space around it. Designed as a magnetic attractor we are all drawn to the alluring combination of light and form, especially the bar fly!

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Mr Wizard Stool

Mr Wizard Stool

Chris Connell

Map Mr Wizard stool with spun aluminium pedestal and foot ring. Available with white, black or red plastic seat. Optional moulded beech timber seat with upcharge.