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Balmain Residence

Carter Williamson Architects
Brett Boardman

The project was for alternations and additions to the semi house typology. Carter Williamson responded by removing the rambling lean-tos and add-ons from the rear of the properly, and placing new main bedroom and living areas in their place. The bold-faced semi model of housing had created a dark interior, with an entry that lacked privacy.

The entrance area, which has been moved to the side of the house, is now private and separate, opening into a void filled with natural light. A rich, dark wall of joinery housed a fireplace, laundry, pantry and kitchen appliances. The width of plot has been expressed by opening the side of the house, to increase the feeling of space.

The bedroom, located on the first floor, is encased in a more private space. The bedroom, wardrobe and ensuite and a gallery study area to the void make up the plan in an efficient use of space. A long, low slot window with deep reveals provides a view whilst maintaining privacy.

The exterior cladding is a robust plywood that offsets the cool of the aluminium and the green front door beautifully.

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