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E.G.O Group
Trevor Mein
the idea of the "New Workplace" has created a demand for innovation in the design of office working environments. Many technology based companies are rejecting traditional fitouts in favour of solutions that reflect their position on the cutting edge of their fields and provide a space that stimulates and supports valued employees.

The brief for the project was succinct yet specific.

The client required a contemporary environment that facilitates interaction, communication and used high-tech materials in innovative ways to reflect the company's technology leadership.

E.G.O.'s response was to create flexible reception environments where a sense of control and ownership can be maintained. Furniture can be moved, lights dimmed, and spaces divided to create a domestic atmosphere. Communal spaces are open plan with freestanding elements creating a manufactured, industrial - design aesthetic.

Curved foam blocks covered in orange vinyl define the reception area, within the middle of the general office. The intention was to create interaction ; blocks can be changed , creating windows within walls or divisions of space.

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Giovanni Travasa

The Palla indoor armchair with bent Indian cane frame surrounded by woven rattan core. Available in natural finish, clear lacquer finish or a selection of approximately 12 stain colours from the coll...

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