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The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority was created from functional business units of the Reserve Bank, as an independent regulatory authority to oversee the transactional and operational dealings of Australia's financial sector.

In effect they are the Bank police.

They are a national organisation with a head office in Sydney.

The offices are located over four of the highest floors at 400 George Street, and were designed to integrate with the base building. Group GSA was appointed in 1998 to undertake the initial design of their premises after a competitive tendering process, and provided a complete delivery service in conjunction with Interco.

Since that time APRA has experienced substantial change in the manner in which it's business is conducted and has been under close scrutiny for its management of issues such as the collapse of HIH Insurance.

For the four years since first appointment GSA has continued to service the churn requirements of APRA, through three separate client representatives.

Most recently GSA was commissioned to rework the Main boardroom and executive zone to provide a greater seating capacity, greater ante space, some other sundry rooms and improved flow front reception to the Boardroom.

This project allowed the creation of a series of flowing spaces that are unified by a strong Sandstone wall, a metaphor to the Banking institutions of colonial Australia.

One of the key to the success of this component of the commission was the use of the Platner range of chairs and coffee tables which ideally suited that style of the space and the steel bar construction allowed a humorous play on the notion of banking security and vaults.

The space has hosted many VIP meetings including Commonwealth ministers, the Chairman of the Reserve Bank, and business leaders, and continues to function well without being dominant.

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Platner Tables

Platner Tables

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