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Apartment A51

Bill Krotiris
Project Manager:
Grocon Constructions

Bill Krotiris's new family home overlooks Port Melbourne.

Krotiris, a director of building at Fender Katsilidis Architects, has been integral in the design of some of Melbourne's most noted higher density residential projects - RepublicTower, Melbourne Terrace, The Silos in Richmond, and the HMAS residential development.

Krotiris' conversation concerning his new home brought up many thoughts and issues relevant to years spent designing apartments for the inner city dweller.

His stated reasoning for a recent decision to relocate his family to this three-bedroom apartment also serves as an illustration of what some families choose to make of life in an Australian city - thinking outside the fence.

The advantages of inenr city apartment dwelling, they discerned, were the retention of a connection to the heart of the city, the high amenity, the elevation would provide new vistas, a detachment from the noise of the street, and the ability to live with children in a stimulating environment over a long period without having to commute or risk dislocation - the view must have helped too.

On weekends the family, as with many others, would go to the beach or parks, leaving the family home.

Entry is made into a spacious living area, complete with living, dining and kitchen in one. A study concealed by a sliding 1800mm wide panel sits adjacent to this, affording privacy from the rest of the place.

From the living area zigzagged raw concrete stairs, partially concealed by a massive floating panel, ascend dramatically to the second floor. Here in the only elevated section of the interior a master bedroom is tucked quietly into a funnel shaped element of the building, externally clad in zinc (apparently the rain sounds wonderful).

Back downstairs two bedrooms and a bathroom are accessed from a corridor running directly off the main living space. Everything flows well.

The interior has been kept refined and simple, in accordance with Krotiris' plan and attention to detail.

The subtle, almost hidden quality of joinery, lighting and construction is testament to great care and the knowledge that these things make every difference over the long haul.

There is no unnecessary motif, hardly any art, instead finely upholstered modern furniture and raw materials such as concrete; granite and marble become a palette of textures to experience.

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